The reciprocating saw gets its name from the motion of the blade when the saw is turned on…it moves back and forth or reciprocates. These saws are very versatile and can be very powerful. They are typically used for demolition or cutting in tight spaces but can perform many other duties depending on the type of blade used. With the appropriate blade, they can even be used for cutting/trimming trees.

Dewalt DW304 Reciprocating SawThis example is the Dewalt DW304 reciprocating saw. It features a 10amp motor, keyless blade changing, variable speed and a multi-position blade clamp for flush cutting. It sells for about $100 at your local tool/home improvement center.

Reciprocating saws need to be held firmly against the material that they are cutting or the blade can stick causing the saw to reciprocate instead of the blade. With the proper blade, they can cut plastic, metal, wood, etc.

If you are looking for a smooth, clean, finished cut don’t use a reciprocating saw! They use brute force to cut through an object. But for many projects, nothing can beat their speed and versatility.

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