One of the costliest repairs in your home is fixing damage caused by flooding. Leaky pipes and water heaters cause serious damage if not detected early. Aside from making sure that you are covered for flooding in your homeowner’s policy, cheap insurance against water damage is being able to detect it early.

water leak detector
Basement Watchdog Battery-Operated Water Alarm

A water leak detector is perfect for this task. They are battery operated and can be mounted anywhere. They have a sensor on a cable which allows them to be placed in very tight places and they can detect a very small puddle of water.

They are perfect for placing around water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, sinks and more. If any of these start to leak and the water gets on the water leak detector’s sensor, an alarm will sound. The batteries usually last 2 or more years and give you peace of mind for as little as $10 each.